New Here - Introduction

Submitted by SoulP1976 on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 09:10
Hi, I was referred here by my therapist. I'm a single dad and father of a 7-year old girl. I live in Philadelphia, as does my daughter, who lives with her mother. Been divorced since 2017. Went over 1.5 years without seeing her until this summer. The main problem I have is needing competent legal help. The original custody agreement was filed in Chicago when we got divorced and my previous attorney hasn't been able to transfer the case to Philadelphia. I tried recently to come up with a new agreement with my ex wife but that go nowhere fast. My daughter has medical issues and my ex refuses to provide any medical records, test results, etc. or the medical practitioner information. I and my family (my mother and siblings) have been walked all over and deprived of years of my daughter's life. Fortunately my ex wife finally has started seeing my daughter again but without an enforceable agreement, I'm under her control due to lack of enforcement. She originally left Chicago without notifying the court but I was too broke and depressed (in survival mode) to do anything legally at the time. Sorry for the rant. Happy to have found this place. Hope to connect with some of you here. Thanks, Nils