My girlfriend abandoned her son with me and i am his biological father

Submitted by Ivan Chavira on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 23:31
My son is 3 years old and he hasnt seen her son in two weeks. Me and my girlfriend had an argument about her spending my money we dont need when i was planning to buy my son things that he needed and she left she would txt me once in a while but she would just dissapear not even her own mother knows where she is at and with who. My son keeps asking for her and i lie to him saying that shes at work and she will come see h tomarow and he is so confused about things as much as i am but i keep my head up strong and tell him everything is gana be okay and that his mom will come soon. what should i do?

Hi Ivan, You're being a great father to your son. Keeping being there for him. You really shouldn't lie to him for your sake and for his. Don't give him false hope that she'll see him tomorrow. He'll catch on then even learn from you. You should save all your documentation in case the court is ever involved. You should attend our next web meeting. What do you want to do?