Father rights and child support bias

Submitted by jannelyneshcka on Sun, 11/03/2019 - 22:10
My Husband been in his two kids life since they were newborn, he got a divorce because of probles in the marriage but he still an active father, a year later the father met me, we got engaged and had a child. The ex wifes became bitter and didn't let him see the kids, accept his gifts or spend time with him and met their new sibling .She put him on child support. He loss his job, his car everything he has because of child support, he didn't make no excuses he went to travel for jobs that may more to give money for their children. Now that he has been stable she took him off child support and they made an agreement which didnt last long. She put an order of protection against the father and he cant see his kids, he only send letter but we dont know if they are receiving the letters. She been contacting him, being ignorant and calling him a dead beat, i know is against the law to contact anyone you put a order of protection. I told him to ignore it but save the message for proof in any case. We really want join custody because my husband is suffering without all his kids, missing moment and every odd is against him for a weird reason. I need advice a really good one because this nightmare need to stop and i want peace for my family.

Hi Jannely, You're both doing great for your children even through the system. Yes, the court can be a nightmare so can you get out of it again? Agreeing is the best way. Why didn't the agreement last long? You should attend our next web meeting.