Dealing with difficult mom with school decision

Submitted by HungLe on Tue, 09/03/2019 - 11:59
My son starts kindergarten on Thursday and we are in disagreement as to which school he will go to. She won't even consider my opinion and wants him to attend a school near her, Ressurection Regional Catholic School. I have him 4-5 days every week (switches each week) and it's not fair for me to have drive each way for the school she wants and it's not really that good of a school. Especially when Merion Elementary (#4 in the state) is half a block away from me in Narberth. I was nice about it for him to attend Ress during prek last year but it really took a toll on me and my son having to wake up extra early to beat the traffic. We had an agreement made in court that he would attend Bridesburg which is half way between where I lived last year and where she lives. But it turns out that I'd have to move into that district and so I made plans to but she said if I moved there, then we'll have to switch schools again cause it's not half way anymore. So I said why don't I just think of what is best for my son and move into an area with a much better school instead of being accomodating to his mom. Bridesburg was much closer to her than where I was living before. I WAS BEING SO KIND ALREADY. I am tired of the way she's been dominating the whole school conversation. She doesn't even care about his school work. And my son has always wanted to stay with me longer during the week because she has two more kids and they treat him unfairly when he's there. I pick him up tomorrow and I'm walking him to Merion Elementary thursday morning. What do I do when she comes to pick him up on Saturday night? She refuses to negotiate with me. She has a business opening up in Upper Darby in a couple of weeks so it's very convenient for her to have him attend Merion Elementary as well because it's along the way for her... Please advise!!

Hi, This doesn't seem very difficult since you live near Merion and she works near there. Plus you've had a judge who's split the difference. Before you go back to a judge, have you tried family elders or religious leaders who you both can confide in to help resolve this?