Father wants custody in pa mother in nj with child currently

Submitted by steveh535 on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 21:35
I’ll try to make this short and to the point with as much facts possible. Im the father trying to get full custody of my 6 year old daughter in pa but the mother lives in nj currently. So here we go. Me and my daughters mother were together and lived in pa my daughters whole life. My now ex has a history of mental illness/ alchoholism. Our relationship was rocky at best so as a last ditch effort I decided to try moving to another state with her. The plan was to start over and things would be easier bc here family is in that area. So I gave it a shot. Well things went horribly bad and she made a bunch of bad decisions and instead of owning up to it. She made me out to be the bad guy to her family so they kicked me out of the place we had together. So I was basically forced to move back home to Lancaster pa. Now I’m paying child support plus driving 12 hours total every other weekend when I want to see my kid with no help on her part. Furthermore I can tell the money I’m paying isn’t being used on my daughter whatsoever. In support court she lied about her income and failed to report 1000 a month she’s receiving. Currently dyfs has an open case on her. Bc a few days ago I got a call from the mother saying my daughter was in the hospital and really sick. I rushed to leave my house only to find out an hour later the mother took the “wrong medicine” according to family members. All I want is for my daughter to be safe and I know she’s in a much better place with me and I’m fully capable of supporting my daughter on my own income and wouldn’t ask anything for support from the mother. Is there anything fathers advocate attorneys in pa?

Hi Steve, If you lived in the other state for less than 6 months (check that county's rules) then that's not the home state, PA would be. But it seems that argument is too late anyway. To get more detailed help, will you join our King of Prussia meeting? Regards