Submitted by IJacobs on Sun, 12/02/2018 - 08:34
My Ex and I migrated from Belgium, and we both speak 4 languages, we have 2 boys, and after she ran off with this guy, and before the divorce was final, I noticed that the boys were starting to have a hard time to speak anything else besides English. So I asked the kids about it, and they said that their Moms boyfriend doesn't let them speak anything besides English, they are living in America and only English would be spoken. At one of our court hearings I did bring this to the attention of the Judge, that the kids parents are fluent in four languages, and that we spoke all four languages to the kids from the day they are born, that it would pay off for them later in life to find any work, they could become translators at a National Park or work for the court and could make $30 to $50 an hour. Only 3% of the world population speak 4 or more languages. The age of the children was 4 and 5 at that time. When we had our final court date, the Judge told my ex-wife's b/f not to keep the kids from learning and speaking these languages and that it would be beneficial for them to find a good job. That he wasn't to interfere with them to do so. That it wasn't that he only knew one language that these children that are not his shouldn't learn, and as it's proven to the court that they already do and that kids learn very easy if it's used by both parents. When we asked the kids a question in English, we would tell them to answer in French, German or dutch so it would become natural for them to switch over without any thinking. Now fast-forward, after being told she couldn't take the kids out of the state for longer as 72 hours at our first court hearing, what's now 13 years ago, and they are still out of state 1500 miles away, being refused of seeing the kids for 10 years, and my visitation was set as in the summer from the day after school was out till a week before school started, and every other year the week with Christmas. Because she moved out of State, she had to pay me for travel expenses, and child support when I had the kids in the summer. Phone visitation was set at 2 days a week at 18:00 my time, when I called they had to go to bed or where already in bed it was 20:00 where they lived. None of the court orders are been followed at all, keeping journals, recordings etc, and when I took her to court she just ends up every time with a slap on the wrist. She also would get a protection order against me the week before I had to go and get the kids, the court order said that the exchange of the kids had to be done at the sheriff's office. She knew it took me 3 days driving, so she would call me the day before, and just say that she has a protection order and that I wasn't allowed in the same town as she was, and if I came she would have me arrested. When I called the Sheriff's office asking about it and telling them that I had to pick the kids up in their office, I got an answer that I would be arrested that the restraining order overruled the visitation order. I am seeing the kids again from the summer of 2015, but my kids don't know any other language besides English, their stepdad wouldn't allow them, he couldn't understand what was said and that they were living in the US, not in Europe. My boys are 17 and 18 now and their stepdad isn't in the picture anymore for the last year. My question now is, can I sue him for ruing my kids future, instead of making $30-$50 an hour they have to settle with $13 if they are lucky.