Trying to file for contempt and custody modification

Submitted by D.A.Marsh on Thu, 08/16/2018 - 15:46
My son is 2 1/2 years old when i found out i was pregnant with him my bf at the time knew that it was somebody elses child but said he wanted to be a father figure and he signed my sons birth certificate. 3 months passed and he left us, in that time he did nothing to help nor did he interact with my son. I did however keep a close connection with his father and his gf. The verry end of october 2017 my roommate made me leave my house so grandfathers gf helped me with my son while i tried to find another place in schuylkill county pa. with a low income. A few weeks later me and my son were moved in a new place and i lost my income as well as the place i had just moved into. The end of December the grandfathers gf told me that she would be able to house my child but not me over the next few months while waiting to get my income reinstated i was staying in another town and was ignored and refused contact with my son. In the last weeks of waiting for my income i regained contact with my mother and she agreed to come and get me and my son and alow us to live with her at her house in monroe county pa. when i told this to the grandfathers gf she informed me that the nonbiological father of my son had filed for custody and that i had already missed a conciliation meeting and that he had gotten special releif granted and had custody granted untill the next meeting was held. So i moved in with my mother and went to the meeting for custody and tried to explain the events to date and that i had been denied contact with my child but the conciliatory went ahead and wrote up a custody agreement and being scared,upset and having little knowledge about what was being done i signed the agreement stating that i would have partial physical custody and he would have primary physical custody and we would share legal custody. Since then i have been refused any contact with my son and been verbally abused upon every time speaking to the nonbiological father. I have a complete communication record as well as text messages and Facebook posts of his that state and strongly suggest suicidal behavior and drug use by him. I am now trying to file for contempt and custody modification i can not afford a lawyer nor find one to help me free of cost despite my efforts so i am forced to do this myself, any information, suggestions, or knowledge on how to file the forms and what order to file them in would help. Please anyone that can help me i miss my son dearly and have another baby on the way.

Yes, we can help you with this. Have you attended our meetings? We can get you started. Here are some pointers ...