Visitation problems

Submitted by reederscott72 on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 18:26
Hello, I am a fairly new father of a beautiful one year and three months old boy, he brings so much joy and love to my heart that it's hard to describe it in words, definitely makes my life much more fullfilling and is the meaning of what love is to me now, I miss him and worry about him constantly, it's been a struggle for me to get my time with him, the grandmother of my son, the mother's mother has caused a lot of hardship in this, she truly hates me and does not care to go out of her way to cause drama in my life and try to publicly humiliate me on social media and even come to my last workplace harassing me causing drama amongst co-workers and telling me that my son is going to be admitted into the hospital, she has custody of one of my ex daughter already and my ex lives with her along with my son, and this makes me worry about him constantly because her hate for me runs so deep, the grandmother seems to have a fascination of telling my family members and I that my son is terribly sick, that he is always too sick for visitation and that she wants to put him in the hospital, she has a tendency to exaggerate also and outright lie so I never know what to believe, but I have no choice but to take her serious at times because she was caring for my son most of the time while the mother supposedly went to school and went out of town on weekends to work, this is when my visitation is supposed to be so I would always pick up my son at the grandmother's home and the mother was always gone, one day after two weeks of not getting my visits I arrived to pick up my son and the grandmother told me he was too sick again to leave with me, this time I recorded the attempted pick up and had asked her to show me the medications that she had been giving him and to bring me some kind of paper showing the doctor has advised him not to leave for visits and she could not show me any proof that the pediatrician said this but did manage to show me three bottles of medications she said my son had been on, two bottles did not have his name on it, telling me that she has been giving him wrong medications, I asked her about this and informed her that I would be taking my son for visitation and that I had this on video, fast forward to today and after a court hearing it was ordered that I keep my visits on schedule and that the grandmother can no longer watch my son alone or give him meds, and the mother was to give me the opportunity to watch my son when she had school or work, and she must be home with my son at pick up and drop off of visits in other words I get to keep my son if she is not home for drop off after visitation, it's only been about a month and she has already denied me a Sunday visitation and has not allowed me to watch my son when she had things to do, this weekend I was supposed to get my visits but she had messaged me and told me that she had a death in the family in South Carolina and asked me to let her take my son this weekend to meet them, I told her I may agree if I could come get my son that evening for a few hours and then get him the following Monday and overnight til Tuesday, she could not come to this agreement with me as she has never agreed for me to have him overnight, after that I told her that I don't approve of her taking him out of state on my set parenting time and that she should stick to the court order and let me pick him up at four the next day, she would not reply and still has not let me know anything about his current whereabouts, I recorded an attempted pick up at the residence at the set visitation time and when I arrived I seen bother her and her mother's vehicles there, I knocked on the door and got no answer, I came home and called 911 and asked them if they could see if my son is there but they seem to not want to get involved, I have a suspicion that the mother is gone for the weekend and left my son with the grandmother that is not supposed to be watching him alone, she has a history of leaving her kids on her mother and running the roads so I can't help but wonder if this is what is going on because the mother has still not answered me as to where my son is and if she has really taken him on this trip, what can a person do? I want to see if my son is really there at her mom's and if her mom is watching him again because as the court order is I'm supposed to be watching him while she's gone and I'm supposed to get my weekend visitation at the very least


Fri, 02/23/2018 - 00:55

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