I have done everything they asked me to do!

Submitted by Kjhafer on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 20:00
I have not been able to talk to my daughter for 9 months. My ex has filed numerous PFA's against me. All of them are completely false, but he never had to show any evidence that I ever did anything. I have no criminal history. I have been investigated by CYS and claims that were made by my ex against me were unfounded. I have gone spend thousands of dollars going through an IOP drug program - even though I have passed every drug test I was given, and there is no evidence that I am a drug user - mainly because I am not. I have a job, own a house - that i purchased post divorce. I am currently single as my ex husband managed to get me banned from contact with the person I was dating. I don't even understand that - I am not allowed to ever talk to someone again??? The last order that I received was to have a "Diagnostic Psychiatric Evaluation" completed which costs me thousands of dollars and states that I am not a danger to anyone, do not have a drug problem and I have a history of making good parenting decisions. Yet the judge still will not let me see my daughter until the Ex's lawyer gets to review all of my counselling notes with my therapist?? And I have to await a trial. Last "trial" never happened. An order was recited and his lawyer wrote a totally different order from what the Judge said and since I would not accept the terms of the order - which banned me from contact with people - forced me to have my therapy notes examined - and a whole slew of other "hoops" I needed to jump through. I just need to know who do you go to when nothing makes sense. I am am out of money. I am out of patience. I just want to see my child. I cant even get a supervised visit. I should also state that I was a Stay at home mom for 9 years. My heart is broken. I do not know where to turn. Can anyone give any direction at all? Thank you!


Wed, 01/10/2018 - 20:06

I do not know your personal circumstances, your culture, creed, or religion, however, I strongly suggest that you pray your worries and enemies away. Stay calm, relaxed, and pray for those who do you wrong. Even after you have satisfied and fought almost everyone, keep praying to our father in heaven to relieve you from all the evil and wrong-doing that is causing you despair, emotional turmoil, pain, frustration, and stress. Pray fervently. Don't cease. May God bless you and relieve you from Satan's domain. Moreover, pray for your daughter that she grows up in a safe environment, pray that she will be reunited with you, pray that she chooses Godly friends, pray that she excels wondrously in school and that she will be equipped to choose a mate that will love and protect her and her family. You have my heart and wishes.