Did a protection order hurt you or your children?

Submitted by FACE on Fri, 07/24/2020 - 18:56
How was a protection order used falsely against you? How did the protection order impact your children?

I left my STBX back in June for physically attacking me. I grabbed my children and fled to my parents who reside in another county. I filed a pfa for myself and my 3 children. A week and a half later he filed one in his county claiming I beat up my 11 year old daughter which my daughter even said never happened. He made the judge believe I was bipolar and psychotic because i left him. They overridden my pfa and he ripped my children from me. One of which was my 10 month old son who was still breastfeeding. I had to take 2 psych tests to prove I was fine and my daughter had to testify that I never touched her. I have been fighting like hell ever since to keep my kids safe.