young mother who lost rights unknowingly

Submitted by hts99 on Sat, 05/11/2013 - 13:19

I'm 23 now and have a 6 year old daughter. Father currently has custody.  CPS got involved when she was a month old...father broke her leg. I moved out trying to take my daughter with me and was Told I had no rights....her fathers mother had custody...I was 18. When I called to try to see my little girl I was told CPS didn't want me to have her for a year....come to find out later his mother lied to steal my baby girl.I'm heart broken trying to put my life together so I can get her back but how far do I need to be? I was able to see her a few months ago but once I had started college had little time so they told me to stay away.I never got any kind of paper through mail telling me my rights are taken.....just the lies off a sick twisted woman. I'll be working soon.done with school. the father never finished highschool. Depends on mommy to take care of him and she depends on her assume once I'm working it will be no contest since none of them are....but I just don't know.any input would be helpful.I just want my little girl back. I live in arizona.