Wife Picked up and left

Submitted by phillydep on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 00:40


My wife picked up and left with the baby, we live in PA and her famaily Lives in NY where she took him. Her family came with a Uhaul and loaded all of the baby's belongings and hers. I then aquired a lawyer and filed for custody and a week later received a court date and paperwork that she filed as well. The baby is 5 months and and she is breast feeding. She is claiming that the house is unsafe due to small mouse droppings found and since then none has been found. What are the chances of me ever seeing my son again and gaining split custody.


To answer your question, every parent has a right to their children but the distance between PA and NY will make things more tricky.

First, you decide what YOU want and what's good for your child.  How will you "split custody", as you wrote?  This is critical.  

Let's plan this out at a meeting ...


Also, watch this good discussion by PA NJ lawyers about relocation.