What is a good father to the courts?

Submitted by mmendez1978 on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 01:00

Can anyone please explain to me what is a good father to the courts? I have always been there for my children since the day they were born. There mom and I have been together for about 12 yrs, 6 of them have been married with 1 seperated. I should of listend to my friends and family when they told me that she never actually loved me. The whole relationship was a mess before we even got married, but I had the never to listen to my heart. We went to court for custody in april of this year and we were given joint physical custody. Our kids have always been taken care of by my grandmother (their great grandma) since birth. Since she left me, she still always took the kids to my grandmother to be watched since I dont get up till noon becuse of working till 3am. All I do everyday is spend time with my kids. Always try to be there by 1pm so that way we get to spend enough time together before I leave for work @ 4:30pm. Plus they are with me every weekend all weekend long Friday thru Sunday. . Additionally I have always been there to provide all 3 meals for my children everyday and I have always made sure they had good clothing to wear. Everytime I have gone shopping for them, they have always gone with me. Their mother even during the marrige has never taken anything to my grandmothers for the care of our children. I have always supplied eventhing. To be honest the kids have a better relationship with me then with their own mom. They have even told me that they wish their mom spends more time with them like I do. Between the end of june and the beginning of august she took me for child support and the court is basicly giving her almost 90% of my net each month....yes i know that doesnt sound right but I have the court papers that says I have to pay 2 different amounts to her. This system is so screwed, I have provided proof that I have always taken care of my kids, but just because she says I am a deadbeat they mark me and treat me as one.