What are my rights

Submitted by drm1977 on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 10:19

We currently don't have a legal custody aggreement of our 2.5 yr old son.  The mother has been in and out of jail for drug use for the last two years.  I have raised my son by myself with help from my family because I work out of town sometimes during the week.  Yesterday I come home from work and there is a note that she went to rehab and took my son with her.  Apparently there is a rehab that take the child along with him.  I am freaking out becasue I don't know exactly where my son is and how she could just take him without my consent.  The rehab is hours away.  I want to see my son but don't know where to begin.  I can't call and find any info due to privacy laws at rehabs.  I should be able to go and see him correct?  I just need some direction becasue I can't deal with my son living in a rehab.  If working out of town is the issue I will quit my job today.  Please help



First:   Im not a lawyer, this is not legal advise.   Get a lawyer for legal advise. 

That said.... 

You should talk with family, friends , neighbors, her family etc. and find out where she is.

At the same time you should do is file an Petition for Modification of Custody.  Not sure what County you are in but this is  a good template.  


It's probably not the best for your child to be in a rehab, especially if you are willing and able to take Physcial Custody of them full time while your childs mom is in rehab.