What are the chances that new law from 2010 means anything

Submitted by dragsterguy1 on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 21:43

So I am waiting for a court date to discuss custody.  we are still married and in the same house.  Boys WERE in private school.  Wife wants to move 3 hours away, out of state.  This new law is supposed to put more focus on what is best for the kids.  Anybody have any experience with this??  Marriage has been broken for 6.5 years, but I am a hands on Dad. 

1.  Have coached them in baseball for 3 years

2.  Never do much of anything around the house/shop until they are in bed

3.  Read with them/help them with homework (except when their Mom makes sure all is done before I come home from work)

We were separated before (2007) for 5 months.  Now, she wants to 'start over fresh with the kids' while living with her parents and sister.  3 hours means

1. No more coaching baseball

2.  No more seeing them during the week

3.  No chance to attend any school functions

4.  No time to help with homework

I have the best lawyer money can buy and she will ultimately fight for me, but I am wondering if anyone here has experience with relocation.

These boys are my life.  I quit a job that required 30% overnight travel, started going to church, stopped my lifelong hobby of drag racing, spend a ton on private school


My feeling is that even though they won't be able to be in private school (because I will not be given custody), they could go to the local public school and there are at least 15 kids there that they know.  New school, but NOT all new people.  Some friends. 


Any comments are appreciated.  Pray that my sons adjust.  I have not had a wife for 6.5 years, but they have always (except the 5 month separation) seen Daddy almost every night before bed. 

I hate quitters.  Some things are worth fighting for.  My sons are definitely worth fighting for.  I pray the judge does not allow the relocation