Volunteer to Post Flyer, Card and Brochure on Bulletin Boards


Would you like to volunteer on your own time?  

Please print and post the FlyerBrochure, or Cards on bulletin boards of stores you visit.  


Post Flyer on Bulletin Boards


If we've been of help to you or you believe in children's rights, then, when you go to your supermarket, local store, and your church/temple/synagogue/place of worship, please take a few of these flyers with you so you can post the flyer on the store bulletin board.  If you go to your local court house, give the prothonotary or clerk a stack of these Cards or Flyers and ask them to hand these out to other parents who need family court help.  


We help you, you help others.


Download Brochure

Download Flyer

Download Cards


PA FACE Brochure Page 1



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