Visitation rights

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 I will try to make this brief  but my name is Mary and this is regarding my brother who is 28 years old works drives he a decent guy pays child support unfortunately he has been doing it in cash which I repeatedly told him always leave a paper trail but he doesn't listen because he just doesn't lol. Anyway unfortunately his child mom tends to use her son basically she was the type if you don't want to be with me then you can't see your son or if your going to be in a relationship with someone else you can't see your son that type of thing. Unfortunately no one on our side is aloud to see him when she is angry with my brother this boy missed so many fun family events because of her he just stays home with her instead of being aloud to go out and have fun with family. He is 11 years old who wants to see his father but knows his mom wont let him. My brother took a job overseas so he can save money to hire a lawyer but the lawyer did nothing. He just not having luck. I need help I want to help him see his son they need to both reach a visitation agreement and have it in writing so she is not aloud to back down. How can this happen I need advice anything will help just guide me in the right direction.

Thank you

The concern Aunt Mary

Write down all the games, times, and locations.  File a motion to court to change custody.  


Get judge to order some specifics.  If you already have an order then file for voilations of that order.


Follow up here what happens.