Violation of Human Rights & Discrimination

Submitted by teagleton on Tue, 09/23/2014 - 14:58
On May 24th, 2013 I was offered a severance package, and lost my job of 25 years.  I immediately reported it to DR, and my support was stopped, until I received unemployment, as that was garnished.  The unemployment ended, and the arrearages continued (without any income coming in).  I was fortunate to find a career (so I thought) with Sears holding, and immediately reorted my new job prior to even starting.  My pay was then garnished $1,200 a month (I was making $65,000 a year).  I completed training for the company, and then was given a store 91 miles from my residence (2 hours one way/4 hours a day and minimum five days a week sometimes 6).  I averaged $128 to $140 in fuel a week just for work alone.  The job was based on a MINIMUM of 50 hour work week plus the additional 20 hours of drive time.  I declined the position and I was terminated.  My last paycheck for a complete week of work after garnishment (no benefits, 401K, or any other deductions), just stote, federal, & local tax.  My weekly check was $400 (minus $128 in fuel), and was left with $272 a week.  It was also recomended in process that an additional $400 a month in support be deducted from my pay, leaving me with $100 less a week, $172 a week after fuel expense.  I could not afford benefits (medical, dental, or eye), no 401K, and not enough money in 2 months of saving every dollar I could just afford a months rent (nothing more).  I have no car, and had to sell it when i was unemployed to survive.  i was borrowing a friends car and my brothers car to get to work.  I could have continued to do that if it was an hour or less commute.  I was told by the support officer John Leighton that (a true quote with proof) "I cannot allow you to walk away from a $65,000 a year job"....He recommended I still had the child support of $1,600 in place.  I COULD NOT SURVIVE or even get to work, not to mention the stress of travel, winter in the NE, fuel, repairs, and maintenance of car(s) I don't own.  No benefits, no possibility to save, no credit to buy a car, and not even close to being able to pay living expenses and food.  My ex-wife is a RN, and brings a paper to Domestics stating there are no full time positions for RN's.  I even got a copy of 20 postings from her HR Department of the full time positions available, some with bonuses.  this is obserd, that I am threatened, discriminated against, and because I had a high-dollar income, I was told "I cannot allow you to walk away from a $65,000 a year job".  If I was making $10 an hour, I guess I could have walked away?  The only time I had arrearages for child support was each time I was taken back for more money, and was paying $2,400 a month prior job. Is this legal?   I have to go to a "Master" to "fight" the Support Officers decision and I feel I my rights have been violated, as I would have to work 91 miles away 70 plus hours a week with no benefits, no vehicle, and making $300 a week prior to fuel ($172 a week).  Is this legal?  Also, the Support Officer is the Mayors brother and my ex-wife is a council woman in the city's township...More Luzerne County political corruption.


Mon, 11/10/2014 - 07:33

Violation of Human Rights & Discrimination

We are kept on the Defense, and so ALWAYS give up ground.

We must go on the OFFENSE and it is tougher than pulling hen's teeth to find a Lawyer willing to do so.

File a Federal Civil Rights suit, pro se.

Make no mistake though, this binding down of Fathers is Willie Lynch doctrine meets Marxism/Socialism/Communism.

Marxism has completely diluted and pervaded our (now unrecognizable) system. The Bar Assoc so-called "law" interpretations are largely Marxist, and Lawyers now almost entirely occupy Congress and the Courts.

Marxism made its inroads by constantly battering the COURTS with suit after suit after suit, and incrimentally setting tiny pieces of precedent along the way.

The Universities that churn out the Lawyers, teach the Method as a matter of course (no pun intended) - and we all know the Professors mostly just happen to be, MARXISTS. This is no coincidence, and family law is just one of many arenas.

The term "Family Court" is an owellian oxymoron itself.

This is war.


Only judges make Orders.  Support Officers and Masters make recommendations to judges.  So you can explain the salient parts of your problem and the logical solution to a judge through a Petition/Motion to Decrease Child Support.