URGENT! Philadelphia DHS holding 9 day grandchild from leaving hospital although mom has meant ALL criteria requested!

Submitted by Deirdre on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 14:13

Does anybody know how I as a grandmother and a Bucks County Resident can become a temporary foster care for my grandson who is being assessed by a Phila., DHS worker who is being extremely difficult and we do not know why?  Baby is in a bucks county hospital (born 3 weeks early) now medically able to leave but worker will not let baby come home.   He said a new worker will be given and baby cannot come home until that worker sees home; even though this man personally went out and walked through the whole house himself several days ago.   We fear the baby will be placed in foster care because the hospital will not babysit this infant just because this man is dragging his feet.   Where do I begin to get the baby to stay in Bucks County where is was born?  Even if Bucks has to come out and investigate and supervise.  Whatever we need to do.  This worker has lied, evaded and strung this mom along for the past 7 days, and originally said baby will be home for x-mas but will not tell us why the change of mind.      Mom has medical assistance in Philly.