Sole custody of my children vs grandparent rights in alabama

Submitted by Katlynn on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 14:44

I have some custody of my children we have resided in tn since I got divorced and custody. My ex husbands mother lives in alabama and she petition for grandparent custody in al. What are the chances that a judge will give my kids to her. I allow them to have visitation when they want we have a home and they are well taken care of. I have done some bad things in my past I used drugs & a few bad relationships and she is using that against me now when I am no longer doing drugs and i have become a better mother and person all the way around I go to court for this issue in the morning and even though I know I have no reason to have them taken I'm worried my babies are my life and to think anyone would want to take them from me would kill me. What can and do I need to expect at court in the morning