Self desctructive intoxicated male teens get coerced into getting older girls pregnant

Submitted by slightlystooped on Mon, 08/19/2013 - 15:48

High likelihood of a 16 year old intoxicated male teen was coerced into getting an older teen female pregnant after being and driven to her place instead of his home and getting his bike stolen. (5 years ago)....What kind of help is available for a young man now 21. He was ordered arrears in FLorida (tampabay area) now totalling $15,000 or more.? Is there any psychologicalc support available while also trying to learn skills to get a job and not lose hope while arrears increase? Has been struggling living on sofas and tried to hold a part time job and take a class here and there at community college.

But never had money was became self destructive resulting in getting a concusion using bicycle and skateboard for means of transportation. Was told getting an attorny was a waste of time because the young adult was never able to show full time employment......Recently is trying to get a place to live and to get an education and not give up and attempt to hold part time work hours to pay child support of $435 per month...$35s of which is arrears.....Very few jobs in the area that he lives... has a job but only gives him 15 hours -25 hours per week if lucky. Has no car