Submitted by lisamarie11487… on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 09:23

Hello, I have two questions.


#1- My son's father and I do not have any custody agreement set in place. Our son will be 4 in two months and his father has not seen him not had any contact with him since he was two months old. That being said, if I wanted to re-locate would I need approval from his father and/or the court?


#2- My boyfriend has a child from a previous relationship. He is the non-custodial parent but has visitation every other weekend. My boyfriend and I also have a child together. If we want to re-locate, I'm assuming it would need to approved by the other party and/or the court. My question is, is there a better chance of the relocation getting granted since he is the non-custodial parent? Does the custodial parent need a legitimate reason to object the relocation (the type of person she is, she would object just because she doesn't like to see us happy). He would still want visitation (maybe spring break, some time in the summer, a major holidy). The reason for our re-location would be for a better quality of life for our family: job opportunities, a better area to live in, etc.


THank you!