Prison Baby's rights to adoption ect.

Submitted by A Voice for Alex on Tue, 11/25/2014 - 12:01
I'm currently a caretaker of a newborn who was born of a mother in prison. She signed up through a ministry that would have a family take her child in and take care of him or her till she is out of prison. Through the ministry she agrees that she will get a minimum of 2 visits a month and occasional letters and pictures sent to her of her child. My question is, this mother I found out does not have custody of her other 4 children, and has a child endangerment charge on her record. She has named 3 fathers of this child, one of which is in process of getting a DNA test, and the others I'm told are in jail themselves. My question is, can this child be adopted with out the mothers consent if proven legally unable to have her child? If so what processes may I take to secure that he is safe and that I maintain custody till the courts decide? She is in prison till May 2015 and honestly only see's this child as a paycheck for when she gets out. I've fallen in love with this child and he is safe, happy, and secure in our home, I can't imagine giving him back to her knowing he may not be cared for as he deserves. Please any help or advise you can provide I'd greatly appreciate! Sincerely A Voice for Alex