Primary Physical Custody Rules

Submitted by Ocky on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 14:45

I have been awarded Primary Physical Custody with Shared Legal. When school closed for the summer months, The mother of our 7 y/o son asked for 3 extra hours for her Wed nite diner visit. It has become troublesome & mother refuses to workout anything with me. I want to revert back to the Judges Court Order. Her attorney is demanding for a better reason, can I just not turn over over our son? Thanks for your help.

The judge did specify after School at the bus stop on Wed , this would be at 3:50. She demanded 3:30, I did not argue this. She, after school closed for Summer, asked for a 12pm pick up for the summer. I did agree to this, do I have the right to end this?