Passport for daughter

Submitted by shade66 on Thu, 06/15/2017 - 08:52

I am married to a soldier and have a 14 1/2 year old daughter who he is raising and taking care of medically, emotionally and supporting her as well.  My dilemna is that her biological father, who now lives in CA, will not sign the passport paperwork needed to get my daughter a passport.  If orders to Korea should happen within the next month or so, I need to be sure that my daughter has all documents needed along with his orders for our travel.  I also wanted to take her to Bahamas or Punta Cana and both need passports.  

He pays no child support, he has no job, he is on public assistance at this time because he is having a "hard" time getting a job. He never visits her.  Anytime we traveled to visit my in-laws, we arranged for her to see him.  He constantly made excuses for not being able to meet us half way, because either gas is expensive or we are too far.  We finally met him closer to his home and even dropped her off to his apartment so he can see her.   In our divorce decree it does not state that I am not able to take her out of state or country. Although it says joint custody, I have sole custody of my daughter.  She has been with me and has traveled with me.  Before we were relocated to germany we needed her passport and he completed the paperwork without any issues.  We were stationed in Germany for 3 years and when we returned, he was informed of every move we made so that he can visit.  Not once did he make an effort.  He has informed my daughter that if I want to go, I can, but she will not go.  He prefers her staying with my parents, who are retired. (Not gonna happen)  He told my daughter she can go but he is not signing any documents.  She has informed him that she will go with us, because we take care of her and he cannot even take care of himself.    I am not going to have my family divided because her father thinks he can dictate to me where I can go with my husband and daughter.  

What can I do?!  I am stressed to where I am losing my hair now!

There's a conflict in what you wrote.  When you went to Germany your daugher did get a passport.  So if it's expired now, all you have to do is renew, right?