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Submitted by Mrdad on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 07:03

My ex and I filed cross petitions for different issues and were before a family master on 10 18 2016 where she stated to the family master she intended to move on the first of November without having filed relocation papers giving me an opportunity to object to the relocation.I informed the custody master that she didn't file or notify the court or myself of a relocation within the 60 day notice requirements and the family master said because shes relocating within the city of Philadelphia she didn't have to file any relocation papers.this relocation is eleven miles further away from my residence and interferes with my ability to be involved in our daughter's schooling and activities because I'm on disability and simply cannot afford to take public transportation there.also our daughter is diabetic and under the law I've read nothing about it saying if a proposed relocation is within the city that there was no requirement to file relocation papers.however I do see if certain factors like my financial status and ability to be involved with being able to be involved in our daughter's school is affected and if our child has special needs that she does have to file relocation papers.does anyone have any helpful information regarding this type of situation 

What you noticed about the law is correct. You should certainly make your case this way.

Since you're close to our meetings you should definately attend them, altough difficult for you, ...

You'll get much, much more help from the meetings.