Out of state, and checking account frozen.

Submitted by hijizejoz on Tue, 06/17/2014 - 18:50

Good day/evening/morning,

I am a sole custodial parent with some arrears.  I live out of state raising my child and my chld's mother has no rights. She has been ordered to pay a large sum every month that she doesn' t pay, but that is credited to my arrears. In any event, I'm out of work, a single dad, I missed a couple of the (small) payments that I am supposed to make even though I have full/sole custody, and at lightening speed, the domestic relations folks froze my checking account. There really wasnt much money in there, but what little that there was, I desperately need for summer child care expenses and what-not.  If anyone has been through the frozen account ringer with hardship, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to get my funds back to my child.

Thank you so very much!