NJ/Child support for graduate student?

Submitted by terosedeclementi on Sat, 12/21/2013 - 16:56

Recently my step daughter graduated from college with a bachelors and is going to take a month off and continue with her masters. We have her on our health insurance and they upped the rates for the insurance. We can barely afford to live.... take home about $324 a week. I lost my job in March and am on unemployment and it is about to run out. We have another minor child who lives with us age 13. We want to stop the child support. She is 24 and out on her own living with her boyfriend in a trailer that we contibuted to the downpayment on by $2000. When can we legally stop the payments? Same question for another child living in Misouri who is in college and has turned 20. HELP drowning in debt!