Need someone to point me where to go

Submitted by jadelow75 on Thu, 05/29/2014 - 14:09

Hello!! Just need some help on where to go. My ex and my son move to GA about 6 years ago. I was in jail for about 6 months (drug problem been clean now for 8 years) Our divorce (from Maryland) states we have joint custody with my son staying with him. We were on ok terms for a bit and he did take me to court for support (he does not have a job so he says) and we came to terms between us what I could pay...I lost my job and was still sendg what I could. I did get a job and that is when all HE$$ broke lose...My EX is a piece of work..he was physical and verbally abusesive and I would also just do what he said or wanted because of my gulit. Well no more...I want my son to come and live with me now...we have a relationship he comes up in the summer...etc but know the EX is filling his head with stuff...He is 14...I need to know where do I start? Do I have to get a laywer in GA or can I get one here? Any help would be appricated.