need help asap

Submitted by cundiff12 on Sun, 06/01/2014 - 22:40

My husband pays child support for his other 2 children. We have 2 together ourselves. He pays 386 a month and the mother supposedly works also. We barely make ends meet with both of us working. The mother says she's putting the children in daycare and she says childsupport said we have to pay half. That'll make it almost 900 a month if they do. Which we could never afford. We tried to do joint custody and the mother agrees but she doesn't want the child support to stop so she stopped agreeing to it. What can my husband and I do so they don't raise it anymore on us. We can't even afford daycare for the 2 children that live with us. Any advice? Please help. 

I pay muy support through payroll deduction and I have my child during the summer. Although this is true I still have support taken during these three months, should i have to pay for these monthe even though my child is with me.

Yes you are still responsible as far as the court is concerned.  

If you and the other parent agree to credit during the summer months, simply inform child support in writting about a written agreement.

Or you can ask the court to give you allowance for the next summer.  They generally don't go retroactive.  They usually go by the filing date.

It seems the mother is willing to work with you.   Try hard to make an equitiable deal which is what the court will be looking for.  

If not, write what your position is in a court motion.  The court should and do consider other children's needs and the ability to pay.

Make a case for why day care is needed when a parent or step parent is available.  The court should consider that.  It's part of the statute ...