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Submitted by uniontowndad on Thu, 07/16/2015 - 16:41

i am 34 in the national guard no drugs dont smoke dont drink no crimnal background having issues with baby momma regarding being unfit mother everytime she comes to my house for the weekend she has head lice i have a photo of her in a bar holding a open container of a unknown liquid she recently plead gulity of not buckling in my daughter in a booster and reckless driving has hardly any food in the house but my question is would me having the pic of her holding that liquid in a bar and her putting her danger and in PA it states that not properly buckling a child is considered child endangerment... would that show a judge she is a unfit or irresponsible parent i would like to get the most custody to free her of this situation... need advice

Is it legal for the Judge to give the father whose is the respondent the sole custody of two children when he is alcoholic he told the judge he only drinks twice a month and she said she will help with his alcohol addiction and counseling.

I  am the primary custodial parent raising my child. My daughter is 14. When she was born me & the father had joint custody intil I found out that he was using meth around our child. At that time our daughter was only 2. I took him back to court and it was orderd that he only have supervised visitations through me intil he completed a drug rehabilitation program. After that he made no effort to contact or visit his daughter. When our daughter was 7 his mother flew her to florida to vist her father for a week. Then when she was 10 her grandfather passed away so I drove from sioux falls, SD to sturgis, SD so she could be at the funeral and she got to see her father again at that time. In 2012 I allowed his new wife to come to Sioux Falls and meet our daughter. He did not come with. I allowed my daughter to have a facebook and skype account in hopes that her dad would communicate with her then. When she had a heart surgeory I tried to contact him to let him no and he refused to come but his mother did. He has made no attempt to be apart of his daughters life on his own. It has been me or his mother who has been trying to get him more involved. Last year he made his first attempt and flew over here to see her. He never did complete a drug rehabilitation program but I believe he is clean and sober considering he now works for the goverment. I assume he has to take UA's for his job. I want him to be apart of her life but personally I'm tired of having to be the one to push it. So when he came here last year I allowed him to have his visits unsupervised. The issue were having is that he tries to make visitation arrangements through our daughter without consulting me and expects to have his visits on his time and expects me to rearrange my schedule to fit his. I made this work last year but it was very difficult for me and inconvienent. I explained to him last year that he needs to contact me to set up visits and not go through our daughter because when his time frames conlict with mine it causes an argument between me and my daughter and that we should not be involving her in what should be discussed through parents. He said he understood and agreed. Now this year he is doing the same thing again and I found messages from him to our daughter on skype bad mouthing me. So I blocked him from her skype account. He refuses to communicate with me so I told him we could go through a family visitation center so he doesn't have to communicate with me and our daughter could still have her visits with her dad. He also refused to do that. Now my daughter is rebelling against me and blaming me for not allowing visits which I have never done. She wont even speak to me. I feel like he is delibrately starting issues between me and my daughter. He has threatened me a few times with court but has not acted on it. I don't know what to do at this point without hurting our daughter more. Please I could use some legal advice on what to do in this situation?

Yes, you certainly can make that argument.  To show unfit takes time.  After each incidence, keep filing for a modification.  It's slow but worth it to keep you child safe.

Is there any way you both can agree to some time better?