Moving with child

Submitted by Allison.mcclai… on Fri, 09/02/2016 - 10:31

I am separating from my 4 year olds father. We are not married. We currently live in Central PA but I have a job lined up in Western PA in two weeks. We currently do not have any legal custody agreement. He had led me to believe that I would be gaining primary custody of our child but has now changed him mind. We want to be amicable with one another but we cannot agree on who will gain primary when it comes to our son starting school. I have to move one way or the other. I'm unable to find a lawyer within the short amount of time I have left in The county I live in now. I'm being advised "don't worry about it once you move we will work this out" does moving into a different county (4 hours away) have any effect on my ability to file for custody of my child?

Yes, moving far away does have an effect on custody.  But not on your ability to file.  Anyone can file from any place.

Unfortunately for you, since your son has been in Central PA for 4 years then you moved, the courts prefer continuity for children so they'll likely keep your son in Central PA.  Unless there are other circumstances how written here.

You will get time for sure.  You just have to figure out how much driving you can do and is that driving good for your son and will  your son like it.  Friends and school will be important for him to grow socially.