Mother from HELL

Submitted by bbayless on Fri, 12/13/2013 - 20:10

Hey, I don't know who reads this, or what your qualifications may be, but I am in for the fight of my life. I am a father of two boys, 11 and 4. Their mother is a VERY manipulative and DECEPTIVE person. She never cleans her house, unless someone is coming to evaluate her. She deceives EVERY one she talks to. She is mean to my kids, and the last two times she has had them, she has left marks on them. Tonight, I had enough. I simply asked her over the phone if she would be nice to my kids, and she went BALLISTIC. Considering her reaction, I didn't feel comfortable releasing my kids to her. I told her she would need to bring a cop if she thinks she is getting my kids tonight. So a cop came, but after explaining things, he left me with both kids, and advised me to get some legal help Monday morning. There have also been allegations of sexual abuse by her retarded (developmentally disabled) brother. My 4 year old did not disclose this information to the investigators, who are STRANGERS to him, so they dropped it. But he has told me on numerous occasions that his uncle DID THIS to him. Mom decided to protect her brother instead of her OWN CHILD. I just want to protect my children , who NEVER want to go with her. Any advice?? Thank you

This mother takes my 4 year old child to visit the house where this man lives. My son has told me on multiple occasions that this man has done things to him, and tried to get my son to do things to him. CPS did a weak investigation, ending it because my FOUR year old did not disclose to these STRANGERS what happened to him. I am hated by this family now because I want to protect my child while they want to protect the accused. And this MOTHER stands by her brother instead of her own child. Any comments from ANYONE?????  Does anyone actually READ any of this, or is this site just for DUMPING????