Submitted by jason33 on Sat, 06/29/2013 - 10:05

I have been to this once before but she is taking me back again. We share the children week on week off but she is moving back to her parents with her fiancee(we are not divorced yet) which is in another school district and also the kids wanna both live with me( they are 15 and 12)!!

The kids may be old enough to make this decision.  Assuming they are not making it by your coaching or because they are simply mad at mom in the moment.   Just be careful and make sure that you have a great chance at winning.  You will need to show that the children will prosper more by living with you.   In other words, the kids can't ping pong back in forth on the flavor of the day.  Just being upfront.

I'm not exactly sure how to post this or how to go about it but I have a question my daughter is going to be four years old and she has never met her biological father he has told me numerous times that he never wanted her and that he wants nothing to do with her however he does pay child support monthly. My question is he now is having a change of heart and wants to see her and wants to have visitation rights he also mentioned a generation program.since she is almost 4 years old and he has never seen her does he have any rights to her as far as being her biological father? He was in jail before once also so he doesn't have the cleanest record but its not real bad either could someone please help me with this we have a court hearing coming up and he plans on sign a petition for visitation I just need to know what his rights or as his biological father when he has never seen her thank you so much