Making Men Pay when the child is not theirs

Submitted by liz on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 12:14

I just found out that the individual who told us we have a grandchild tricked my son into believing the child was his. We had concerns about paternity but he believed this wicked woman. My son has been confirmed as unable to have children. The state of PA will grant him a paternity test but since he believed the woman to be faithful and true.... he now has to pay for another mans child. The wicked woman will not name the true father. How can a so called judge allow this to happen? Order the paternity test and make the mother choose a different man to railroad as the father. A man who has been cheated on should not have to support an illigetimate child. This is absolutely crazy. Apparently even if the paternity test and the medical test prove that this is not a child of our this crazy state of PA we have to be responsible for a child who is not of our family and we are not allowed to see the child. This wicked woman intentionally moved from another state to PA to have this child so a well educated and honorable man would have to support her indescretion with another man. Pennsylvania should be ashamed to act as if they have a just and reliable court system. The railroad is alive and well in your state but I sincerly hope to ralley all men and women who are honest and faithful to boycott this horrible place that supports indescretion.