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In short, my child support obligation is extremely oppressive. I love my children and am very willing to send financial support; however, the amount set by DR is unreal! I cannot support myself - dependent on others for a place to live, borrowed vehicle, etc. Any ideas?

Since I posted "looking 4 resources" I did some research of my own. Educating one's self is the best way to find solutions. Click on the Domestic Relations links and read the information. Go to the website of the local Domestic Relations office and find out how they set their dollar amounts and conduct business. We have no excuse to complain if we go into situations like this if we do not educate ourselves!

Hi!  If this is an existing order that you have agreed to - there is very little chance of a downward change unless you have a change of circumstances to bring support down - for instance if you become unemployed with this order in effect.

Also, starting May 12th - the support figures go up approximately 9% across the board and will last for 4 years.  If you wish to calculate numbers and see if you should decrease support - goto this site and compute these figures:




Will existing support orders be automatically adjusted when the guidelines changed?  will recipients be sent notice that things have changed?




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Its the court's expectations for litigants to come forward to re-adjust your numbers.  The court can also call you in for an audit at anytime without a circumstance of changes. 

Until that happens, and if it does, your support order will still be under the guidelines of when it was agreed and no changes should/will be made.

If you are subject to a audit - you will receive notice from your local family court.

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Tue, 01/03/2012 - 12:03

I have just started paying support and all my lawyer tells me it is what it is, if I want to eliminate the kids going to private school I can't since I had agreed to it prior to my divorce.  It appears that the system is very uinfair.  I was also told that support rarely goes down.  For instances...if you are making say 60,000/year and get laid off or fired and find aniother job that pays less, you are still paying at the 60,000 level because this is your earning potential.  I don't have a problem supporting my kids but I want the money to go to them.  My ex and her lawyer couldn't write the new figures down fast enought when it came to the disclosure of my new job and the ex's eyes about bugged out of her head.  I am very discouraged because what if anothe rjob can't be found where i make good money.  I agree with the author,  one can't support himself once the payments start.