Local PD find county of children taken out of state - mom left state state 2 children, now have jurisdiction.help

Submitted by paj0512 on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 14:12

My ex took my two children daughter and son, with one weeks notice for eviction with her parents taking them to aunts in new Hampshire from NJ. My ex had another baby months after leaving and moved and not able to find her until local PD I called to go to aunts for answers. How do i go about filing when I should have a year ago. She hasn't allowed me to speak to our dad\ghter who I basically raised myself.  It was over me moving on and getting married to hurt me. I am angry, confused and need advice in any similar cases. She gave birth to both children on opiates causing them withdrawal and dyfs made me supervisor , she want to be alone with daughter. I was taken to court in new Hampshire for restraining order (to show cause for fleeing state open dyfs case just given birth to son six weeks prior to evictio) accused me of abusive behavior and won. Its expired and she never refilled. Also filed stalking against wife whome had never met my ex until day of hearing we had to drive to new Hampshire.  Thrown out immedietely. I have a criminal record from years ago, she does not, I had a dispute getting another charge (felony) and figured I have no chance of winning in court.  But she has record of doing drugs while pregnant with both of our children. Never did a thing with our daughter. And I am ready to go against her. I work hard I make a good living and miss my daughter so much.  I want to know my son, six weeks old when taken out of state . I messed up by not filing abduction etc... Any advice please