kidnapping of minor

Submitted by evan finlayson on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 14:32

my son whom i have custody of, four years ago was kidnapped by mormons in kemmerer wyoming i have been to law enforcement here in butte county and they refuse to act i have had three phone calls from my child over the past 4 years wanting to come home then dont hear from him and all phone numbers are changed .I have notified the sherriffs dept in kemmerer and was told that if i try contact my son or come to kemmerer i will be charged with a crime i have been scared to go to kemmerer to find out,  i have also been threatend with my death from the people whom kidnapped him I raised my son as a single father from 2 years old until his kidnapping at the age of 13 this has ruined me from all the mental things that go on in ones head ,  the school in kemmerer will not and has not let me speak with him i have faxed them my court custodial orders the mormon church in kemmerer threatens me with that they have people to deal with me the sherriffs will charge me with a crime these people are all acting together to severe the ties with my son and me 

i have filed a civil case against all as pro se, with no money after all the mental anguish, i am tring bring accountability to all thses people , thses mormons are stealing peoples children in the 21 st century in america and the law will not act does one start dishing out some street justice here and then only will someone wake up in law enforcement