Intro and Background

Submitted by lpalmer on Tue, 09/06/2011 - 14:24

Well I am new here.  Not new to the custody issues though.   Let me start from the beginning.  Summer of 09' I finally got fed up with being treated like I was just someone there to pay the bills and do things aroun the house.  After much thought I decided to leave my wife.   It was hard because I did not want to do this to my now 13 and 9 year old.

I ended up getting shared legal and physical custody with the children residing with their mom.   I get them every other weekend.  3 nights a week from 4-7:30 on the weeks after her weekend  and two nights 4-7:30 on mine.  At the time I agreed to this because my ex was going to stay in our marital home.   Not to mention I did not have my own place.   Not more than 3 months later she moved out of the house and in with her parents.   Since then she has been making it harder and harder to have a good relationship with my kids.   From telling them I don't help provide for them.  Which I do.  She gets child support every month.  To telling them I pick the things I like over them.   She also tells them her dad is more of a father because he buys them extra things.  

At one point she was letting me have the boys overnight on school nights every Wensnesday.  She did this for 4 months then stopped because she got mad at me.   I had taken the kids to docter because they had strept throat.  They were told no school and rest for at least 24 hours.  They went home with mom that night and the oldest texted me and said he had went to school.  I called and asked why she did this.  She said the docter said it was okay.   I then called the doc. and asked why he changed his mind.  He said in fact he had not and that he told her they should not go to shcool.  Well she got mad that I called and told me no more Wensday overnights.

This is when I decided I would take her back for at least 50/50 custody .  She now has her own place and I now have my own.  We live 7 housed apart.  So the kids would go to same school and ride same bus.   Anyone else succesfull getting joint custody of their kids after only having partial?


Fri, 11/18/2011 - 14:33


At the FACE meetings, I've heard of many people who have changed the custody from parent to the other or 50/50.  Judges want to see a good track record.

 The custody laws are simple to read so use them as your guide in court ...