If Pa laws say they are doing whats best for the kids...

Submitted by Troy on Tue, 06/18/2013 - 12:50

If Pa laws say they are doing whats best for the kids, Then why is it so hard to get kids back when other parent decides to not obey the custody order and keeps the kids from you. Cops say they cant do anything, the only thing you can do is go to the court house and file contempt and wait that long process out. I find these laws are crazy, If I break the custody order that I signed then the cops should be able to come to me and say either hand them back over or you will be arrested. But no, have to file contempt and then they get a warning the first time. I find this to be very wrong. First off I was wondering if anybody else has found a quicker way to go about getting kids back, Second I would like to know who I need to start contacting about getting these laws fixed, enough is enough...Sick of parents that are using there anger towards the other parent and then use the kids to hurt the other person. Its wrong.

Also this is in York county.


Go to meeting place sunday evening at 6, other person does not show up with kids, call/text them they say I am not giving them back to you. Call cops they show up, sorry nothing I can do go to court house, Go to court house and it cost 200 bucks + a lawer fees, and then told the other person will only get a warning for the first time. And hard to say how long it will be until get kids back.

Just TAKE Them!  if you can.  Find out where they are and pick them up from anywhere you can get them.   You have a right to shared custody or visitation, you can try to enforce it yourself until the court steps in.

The cops warned not to do that or can get in more trouble than the other person, They said if the other person does not give them back to you then its pretty much kidnapping. This is why these laws need changed! Has anybody been thru this and went and took the kids back? What happen to you, any help...