i need help

Submitted by samc on Wed, 06/23/2010 - 15:35

I've been in court since 1998 and requested paternity since January of 1999.

I live in upstate N.Y., and the case is in a different county from where i live.

how can the system lagally take money from me if i've never signed the birth certificate and/or stated i was the childs father?

also, the hearing examiner said to me since day one; he didn't want to hear or see anything i had as proof of anything. How can they keep refusing to give me paternity? is that legal to do?  how may i get paternity established by the courts?

i have a petiton in for a violation of visitation with the child for three years, because she wont let me see him. should i have to pay for a child i don't get to see? i've been arrested for contempt of court, violation of support payment, etc. shouldn't the mother be arrested for a court ordered violation of visitation for three years, too?

i'm currently unemployed with no income and out for medical reasons. i need some type of representation, better than the public defenders they offer.can anyone help me out ASAP?

i've tried to get the tape from our first court appearance transcribed, but the gentleman in the office there said:" by law after five years they don't have to have these digital/audio files on hand anymore. the last time i was in court, the hearing examiner said he had the audio of our first appearance. how is it that when i requested it, they said they didn't have it, but the hearing examiner all of a sudden has it? does that make any sense when they tried to look for it, it couldn't be found? any replies, please send to sam33708@yahoo.com  thank you so m uch.


by any chance does anyone have information as to where they hold meetings in Schenectady, NY or Albany, NY?    

Sam - I can relate to being unemployed and without representation in the court. My suggestion is that you begin to read everything you can get your hands on in regards to domestic relations and juvenile law. There are numerous internet resources. There are also petitions that you can file on your own behalf, but do not file until you know what you're getting into.!! One function of domestic relations is to establish paternity. Have they done so?  You have to remember that you're dealing with a system that has been biased in favor of mothers ever since it's inception. Take it upon yourself to know the law and what you can do for yourself. Public defenders, examiners, "friends of the court" make their livelihood in that courtroom with that judge, they are not going to do anything contrary to any ruling.