i broke a joined custody agreement

Submitted by Droberts23 on Thu, 10/06/2016 - 17:31

L was the   custodial parent of my 5 year daughter and me and her farther had joined custodial and i took my daughter out of state, and broke the agree and i got arressted and the courts granted for my daughter to live with him after i broke the agremment .is he now the custodial parent ? have i lost all my rights to my daughter ? and am i able to contact my daughter ? and what are the steps i need to get my rights back to my daughter if i have lost my rights and i live in the state of Tx. i did not recive any type of warrant of anything stateing to be in court before this happen saying i had to go home bc i took her out of state . and they place me on child aupport .

_ have i lost all rights to my daughter ?

\ Am i able to contact my child ?

-What are the steps i need to take in order to get join custody or full custody of my child if i have no money for a lawyer ?


Child custody is always temporary because parents' lives change, like your did. 

So, no, you haven't lost all your rights, permanently. 

So now you have to ask (either the father or the court) how you want to be involved, why that's good for your daughter, and how you'll keep it consistent.

In all you do, relax, be honest, and keep the children emotional, financial, and physical needs first. You will most likely make your case by providing the court with a log of dates and statements that your children make. You can always provide the courts with information that will convey and show a prosperous life for you and the children if you were granted any changes that you are seeking. Please be advised that judges need compelling reasons why changes are needed before they are granted. Remember once the family and its members are in the court system, you pretty much have to answer to another party (non-bias) before making family decisions; and thats the judge and his or her officials.