I am a witness

Submitted by ttww on Mon, 07/12/2010 - 14:04

Your attention please!!

I work for an agency in which I encounter families in their homes. I have witnessed the emotional strain forced upon children by unilateral divorce and selfish behavior on the part of parents who view their children as the "divorce trophy" and a source of social assistance. I have witnessed many custodial parents who place undo pressure on their children in order to make the other parent look bad or abusive. I have witnessed the oppression of social assistance that occurs the moment anyone submits the paperwork. Once someone is dependent on "the system" it is extremely difficult to become self-sufficient. I have witnessed families, that are in the system, manipulate their own children in order to gain a mental health diagnosis. This is to assure that the social benefits will continue to be paid. We must make some changes, folks!

More to come on this topic.