How To Calculate Child Support

We HIGHLY recommend you run all these calculators to give you an accurate approximation of your support order.  Be prepared before you go into court or when both father and mother try to agree.


How To Calculate Child Support The Simple Way:

If your situation is simple then you can very easily look up the amount directly on the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines Calculations table here.  This is exactly the table that all PA judges, masters, lawyers and court staff use.  It's so easy.

  1. Add both parents' monthly net (after tax) income (for example, 10000)
  2. Look down that combined net income on the first column of the table (for example, find 10000)
  3. Look right to the number of children both parents have (for example, two children is 2044)
  4. That's the total amount both parents are responsible for (for example, 2044)
  5. Divide that total by the percentage net income of each parent to get each parent's responsibility (for example, 50% of 2044 is 1022 for each parent)


How To Calculate Child Support Using Simple Table
How To Calculate Child Support Using Simple Table


Get The Most Child Support Help By Attending A Meeting

We've provided you with some free tools and tables so you can figure child support out your self. But nothing is easier than attending one of our meetings to talk it through with one of our volunteer parents who has been through what you're going through.

Bring all your paper work, numbers, and all your questions. Don't worry, meetings are completely confidential. Bring up as much as you want. Attend the first time to get to know us. Then attend multiple meetings so you can get petitions to modify child support completed with our help and guidance. It's worth the time.


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Child support calculators for more complex situations

For more complicated situations like day care, child overnights, tax credits, alimony etc. use one of the below calculators.



For the PA PACSES online support calculator - click here online support calculator for PA Residents - click here online support calculators for PA residents click here