Here is a crash course as to what makes your Domestic Relations Office tick - $$$$$$$

Intro to Domestic Relations 101

So you are new to the divorce process and seem overwhelmed.  Don't know where to go or what to do.  There is an office in your county that you will get to be very familiar with over the course of time.  It's your "Domestic Relations" office.  They will handle your custody, monitary, and any other issues you may have when becoming seperated or divorced.  This is not for the faint of heart but you owe this to your children.

Enclosed is a 5-part series from the Delaware County Daily Times  published in 2007 entitled "About Domestic Relations".  For purposes on this site - we have broken it down to 3 parts.  We thank Jason McKee, the author of this series, of the Delaware County Daily Times for giving us permission to place the complete series online for review.  This series breaks down the Domestic Relations process from the very beginning.  It explains the entire process, how your child support payments are very important to "D/R", and some horror stories of honerable fathers caught in the web of the "D/R system".

We encourage you to read this series as it will help you completely understand the process - and further realize the plight of Fathers in American who are unfortunately a part of this "process".

Part 1         Part 2         Part 3