help filling out Motion for Change of Custody papers

Submitted by 4blairangel on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 16:52

My name is Blair and I'm currently trying to file for change of custody for my daughter. her dad and I already established custody when my daughter was first born but that was also based around me finishing high school. my daughter is now 3 years old and is basically ready to start school. the schedule her father and I have is not set up for a school schedule and I can see the back and forth every week starting to take a toll on her. I've flipped through these papers and was wondering if anyone knew of like paralegal help in Dakota county MN that could possibly give me some assistance with completing these forms. help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Have both of you tried gettting a trusted family member, extended relative, religious leader, or other community members to help you discuss this?

Court can costly and time consuming so not good for either of you.