Submitted by bb412 on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 02:48

hi I have a daughter who is going to be four years old her biological father has never seen her before and in fact has stated many times that he never wanted her and does not want to be in her life he also has somewhat of a bad criminal background but nothing real severe. Now he's saying that he's having a change of heart and want to be in her life for years later he mentioned visitation and also mentioned something about generations program. Could you please tell me what his rights or if he has any at all? I also feel like he may be doing this so that I drop the child support that he pays monthly.we have a court hearing coming up and I'm just trying to see what I am working with since he said he's going to bring up at court that he wants visitation of my daughter.I am not exactly sure how to save this site or how to get the answers but if anyone has any answers for me could you please write it on here and also inbox me at tthank you so much and i really appreciate your help