Heading back to court for modified custody

Submitted by cturtle on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 22:31

Hello, I'll try and make this a brief as possible. I was with my x for 7+years, we had two beautiful children. About two years ago I broke up with him and moved out without taking my children, for fear of their own safety and mine. He filed for full custody but we ended up having shared for the last two years. In March of this year I received a phone call, demanding I update my health insurance with the doctor because they were sick and needed to be seen. I was told by the x that he wasn't covering insurance on them since the court established shared custody. I was highly concerned about this seeing how I was providing all medical coverage. So I went and filed for support to have him pay at least half of what I pay. Shortly after that I receive a modified custody order for primary custody for him. There after during the support hearing which he didn't show up to, I found out he now has insurance on the kids. I am so fraustrated because it seems he is using the court system against me and only trying to look good for the custody battle.  We now have to have another evaluation done before we can continue for custody. He has given me such a difficult time with this matter. He has stalked the kids while getting them off the bus. He has had people call him that checked up on me and the kids. I just concerned and I dont know if anyone out there has been in this situation before. But if you have any advice at all please give a response. Thank you so much for any possibilities that are out there.