grandparents trying to take my nephew

Submitted by kyla11 on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 12:45

The grandparents of my nephew have taken my sister (his mother) to mediation several times.  Thier son passed away 2 years ago (drug related).  The mediator has given them visitation 2 weekends a month as visitation.  Yes, it has become an order.  They are again taking her to mediation on the grounds that her fiance has a DUI on his record.  Her fiance intends to have a drug and alcohol evaluation to try to clear that area.  The grandparents are very verbal about thier negative opinion of my sister.  The laws that I have found state that the grandparents have a right to visitation IF it does not interfere with the parent/child relationship.  The deceased 's cousin also died young due to drug related issues.  That adds to our concern in regards to the influence that family has on him.  We do understand that the grandparents have a right to be a part of thier lives.  Also, for my nephew to know them.  It doesn't seem necessary for them to have him overnight, and unsupervised.  Is there anything we can do to stop this harassment and help my sister/nephew to have some peace in thier lives?