Grandmothers rights

Submitted by Heartbroken gr… on Thu, 02/06/2014 - 17:07

My granddaughter is 16 and started dating a 20 year old guy and since he does not work or go to school he wanted her to "Chill with him" rather than going to school.  I was not aware of her truency until she missed 16 days of school.  The school filed a dependency hearing on her and contacted CYS.  At that hearing they decided to continue it until January.  At her January hearing her mother raised the issue of the 20 year old boyfriend that we both do not approve it.  Once again the hearing was postponed until February. CYS contacted her so called dad (seen her 3 times in her life, and never contributed a dime to her) and is incarcerated in the State Pen.  He was escorted to the hearing and had an attorney request visitation rights at the State Pen with my granddaughter.  CYS basically told me what is the big deal if she goes and sees him.  His latest incarceration is for running from the police and tossing a 9 mm gun.  My daughter and the sperm donor (really can't call him dad) were never married and my daughter is in rehab after drug relapsing.  I have had my granddaughter live with me most of her life, I have cared for her, protected her, and never took a dime from anyone for her upkeep.  Now she has to go to the jail to have visits with sperm donor and I have temporary custody of her but he has made it known that when he gets out in December he is going to fight for custody of her.  I am told that since I am not her legal guardian I basically have no rights.  How does a convicted felon have more say? At the hearing he stated her mom and I kept her from him but let the truth be known his drug use, running with gang bangers and incarcerations is what kept him from her.  What are my options?